Many home owners wish to spend time entertaining outdoors and make big investments to prepare their outdoor space for comfort and ambience. From landscape greenery and ambient landscape lighting to patio furnishings and barbecue spaces, home owners rely on the experts to design the perfect extension and expression of their home. One feature that is frequently underserved is the outdoor audio to match the space.

Enter SONARRAY; with eight discreet satellite speakers designed to match the aesthetic of landscape lighting and one in-ground subwoofer, the system provides ideal even, balanced coverage for comfortable entertainment. The approach of surrounding the space with speakers rather than the traditional speaker pair facing out into the yard eliminates uneven listening positions and disturbances to neighboring yards.
Installation is simple with a single run of speaker wire to daisy chain each piece of the system from the amplifier (included). The complete system is engineered to operate with all the included hardware without the need for complicated calculations. Just add your favorite music source and sit back and enjoy.
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