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Irrigation System Design Services:

With over 50 years of combined experience, Atlantic Irrigation’s Certified Irrigation Designers (CID) construct Commercial, Golf Course and Residential designs for any size irrigation project.

Our Design and Specification Division specializes in creating professional irrigation designs containing innovative water management applications.  All designs are delivered with accurate material take-offs, assuring project costs and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

This service is especially important for Landscape Architects, General Contractors and any other industry professional interested in ensuring that the irrigation portion of the project is being bid the same way by all bidders.  Professionally designed irrigation plans are designed for specific job needs, which will ensure a fully functional and efficient system is being bid on.  All bids will be based on the same irrigation design and specification and therefore the accepted bid will be based on the best price from the most qualified contractor who will install an irrigation system that will achieve maximum results while utilizing minimum amounts of precious resources.

Residential/Commercial Designers:

  • Shawn Habecker – CID, CIC, CGIA, EPA Water Sense Partner, with 16 years of design experience
  • Ed Balon – CID Residential, CID Commercial, EPA Water Sense Partner, with 23 years of design experience
  • Chris Minch – CID Commercial, CIC, with 6 years of design experience

Golf Irrigation Designer:

  • Tom Vogt – CID Golf, CID Commercial, CLIA, with 15 years of design experience

CID – Certified Irrigation Designer; CIC – Certified Irrigation Contractor; CLIA – Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor; CGIA – Certified Golf Irrigation Auditor

***Recent Design***

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