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Wholesale Landscape Lighting Supplies

In recent years, one of the fastest growing trends in the residential construction industry has been the increased popularity in Landscape Lighting and Outdoor Living spaces as a whole. Over the past decade Atlantic Irrigation has grown its Landscape Lighting influence and become one of the eastern seaboard’s largest suppliers of landscape lighting, offering it’s loyal customer base access to manufacturers of top-of-the-line landscape lighting fixtures. Atlantic Irrigation – Where Service and Value are Never Compromised is the gold standard that drives our sales force. Providing unmatched value with manufacturer-lead lighting training and seminars has helped our contractor customers grow their irrigation and landscape businesses.


Our outdoor lighting customers dedicate a great deal of time and energy to create the perfect landscape for their clients. Landscape lighting is the single factor that can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Lighting can enhance a waterfall, add a touch of style to a deck or patio, punch up the barbecue area, or softly light a secluded nook in the backyard. For landscape contractors who have experienced training from Atlantic they will never be able to look at a project in quite the same way as they had before.

Landscape lighting is a top priority for our contractors when meeting prospective clients. This focus adds value for homeowners and enhances the entire landscaping process. Landscape lighting also provides safety and security, which is only a small part of the overall lighting experience. With the right styles, colors, and light positioning, you can set a variety of moods for the homeowner to enjoy. Lighting can be romantic, elegant, fun, playful, and can create a relaxing oasis from the tensions of the workday. No new home construction or landscape renovation project is complete without attention to lighting.

Historically, the setting sun meant the end of the day outdoors. But with more homeowners extending their living spaces into patios, kitchens, and barbeques, they also want to enjoy outdoor living later into the evening. Outdoor low-voltage lighting gives homeowners the ability – with a little bit more of an investment – to create their own resort in their backyards.

Atlantic Irrigation and its industry-leading partners — Unique Lighting, FX Luminare, Kichler — are committed to expanding the contractor’s tool box with this ever-growing and diversified product segment. 

Ask your local Atlantic Manager how to design, quote, install, and diversify your business with landscape lighting.


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