Mid-Atlantic Project Spotlight: Paradise Grill – Longneck, DE


Atlantic Irrigation was consulted to initially design the outdoor lighting for this project in February 2014. Paradise Grill is located in lower Delaware, seated on the shore line of the Rehoboth Bay.  Originally, it was a small bait and tackle shop/mini mart for mainly boat traffic. Under new ownership, they were expanding the location into a Caribbean theme ‘go to spot’.  The owners initially specified that they wanted LED, but the option of dimming.  During the initial consultation with the owners and contractor, the option for zoning of individual lights and sections also became a necessity, so the FX Luminaire Luxor system was chosen.  The design called for lighting along a 550 ft. long boardwalk, 22 catwalks for boat slips, up-lighting and down-lighting of beach areas with palm trees.  Once the installation started, it kept growing and so did the challenges.  Lighting of the interior of a large Tiki style dining area, inside and outside bars, working light for staff, sign lighting, dance floors and even open air bathrooms. Since February, the project now encompasses over 600 fixtures.  Paradise Grill has a Ice Cream stand on site, that had to be closed down several days last year for bugs, attracted by line voltage lighting, this was removed and replaced with only 20 watts of LED low-voltage lighting. Not only is it more attractive, but they have not had to close the facility at all this season. Since the reopening on Memorial Day weekend, Paradise Grill is packed with car and boat traffic, and the staff and patrons are mentioning how awesome the transition at night is awesome.

Mid-Atlantic Project Spotlight


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