Atlantic Irrigation

Rain Water Harvesting

Harvesting rain is a practice that has been around for centuries and is now becoming more popular as a source to supply irrigation systems, ponds and water gardens. Cisterns and other rain harvesting systems are widely used in Europe, Australia, India, the Bahamas and countless remote countries - many who depend solely on rain for day to day life. 

When water supply becomes limited, practical solutions can fill the gap. Rainwater harvesting systems provide distributed stormwater runoff containment while simultaneously storing water which can be used for irrigation, flushing toilets, washing clothes, washing cars, pressure washing, or it can be purified for use as everyday drinking water.  You can really take this as far as you want. But it all comes down to various filtration and processing systems.

Atlantic Irrigation proudly sells the Graf Carat line of underground tanks. The Carat S line has numerous seals to effectively stop dirt getting into the tank. This means that seepage water cannot get into the tank and, thus, dirt particles cannot contaminate the rainwater. The seals are in the intersection between the tank and the tank dome and between the tank dome and the telescopic dome shaft. All supply pipes connected to the tank dome are also sealed with five lip seals as standard.

The Carat tank consists of two half shells which can be stacked on top of each other, allowing multiple tanks to be stacked on a single pallet for shipping. For example, it is possible to stack five 1,700 gallon Carat tanks on a single pallet. This allows a standard 40 ft. shipping container to house a total tank volume of up to 34,000 gallons! The tanks’ unique stacking feature directly reduces transport costs and environmental impact from vehicle emissions.

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