It’s finally here…SPRING! You’ve spent all winter gearing up for the long awaited arrival of these warmer months, learning about the latest products, training new team members and catching up on all the administrative tasks that come along with owning a business. You. Are. Ready.

There is no better time to talk to your customers about your add-on services than now. They’ve been couped up all winter thinking about and planning all the fun activities and parties they’ll have once the temperature rises…and that’s where you come in. Show them how you can turn their backyard into an outdoor living experience!

  1. Audio Systems – Outdoor sound is great for work and for play! Any outdoor activity is instantly enhanced once a music is added. If you would like any sales tools or brochures, please contact your local Atlantic branch and we’d be happy to provide you with the appropriate materials.
  2. Mosquito Repellent Systems – There is nothing worse than having to go inside because you’re getting eaten alive by pesky mosquitoes. Not only do we provide systems that can be added to your customer’s irrigation system, but we have lighting fixtures that drive mosquitoes away as well.
  3. Artificial Turf – Artificial turf, like Easy Turf, is a great option for around pool areas. Not only will it withstand harsh pool chemicals, but it’s much safer and less slippery when wet than cement.
  4. Landscape Lighting – The obvious advantage to outdoor lighting is the enhancement to a home’s appearance, but it also increase the functionality and security of a home. Atlantic provides lighting lines for all price ranges and would be happy to discuss options with you.
  5. Smart Water Management – Offer an annual fee to view, manage and monitor customer’s irrigation controller.

Please take a look at our catalog pages and feel free to download any literature you may need. If you’d like additional sales tools or materials, please email us here.

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