Contrary to popular belief, artificial grass is extremely versatile. While a natural lawn can develop problem-plagued areas and become hard to maintain, artificial turf will keep any lawn looking lush and green year after year.
Application areas for artificial turf are bountiful. If a customer complains about a moss-heavy side yard, due to lack of sunlight, you can turf that. If you’ve come across a pool area that is surrounded by a lot of concrete, making it less appealing, suggest adding in a fun, crisscrossed turf pattern to liven it up.
As a contractor, we bet you’ve seen one too many sad-looking decks that need a little sprucing up. Or, how about a low-traffic front yard with pavers that are hard to keep clean around the edges? Recommending turf for all these situations not only makes sense financially, but long-term you’ll create beautiful, low-maintenance spaces for your customers to enjoy year-round.
No matter the size, shape or geographical region, turf is always an option. So, if you’ve ever wanted to tell your customers you can transform their yard into a beautiful oasis, offer them the choice of EasyTurf. It’s the only turf manufacturer that’s able to replicate natural grass at a level of authenticity never before achieved. Armed with the industry’s highest quality artificial turf, which features a 100% permeable backing, along with an 8-year warranty, the sky’s the limit.
In a nutshell, the key to a beautiful lawn, starts with you. By educating your customers about the different types of turf and their applications, you’re putting yourself on a path to success, and your customers will thank you for it — hopefully, in form of referrals!


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