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Civilization’s first settlements sprang up around rivers due to irrigation and transportation needs. Later these peoples produced such technologies as canals and aqueducts to bring water to lands further removed from the rivers. Water lilies, lotus, iris, arrowheads and cattails, as well as numerous grasses, trees, and other plants found these new oases as inviting as the people who built them.

Today landscape contractors along with training provided by Atlantic Irrigation can provide a tranquil water garden  of feature to every project. Thanks to modern plastics, the back breaking, time consuming, labor and skill intensive processes of building a beautiful water garden have been reduced to a weekend job with only a minimum of easily learned skills.

Atlantic will help with with all water feature considerations including design, choice of water feature, size of the pond, site selection, materials, and methods of construction. Water  gardens are either still or active. Fountains and water features add sparkle and splash to a garden.

Pond Kit

Atlantic Irrigation provides solutions for every phase of a successful water feature including the maintenance of Water Gardens. Clear water is usually the primary goal of any water gardener short of the first lily blooms. In a new pond, however, the water is seldom clear for very long. This can be rectified easily if the pond is of the correct depth, has a good filtration system, and correctly chosen plants and wildlife are stocked in sufficient numbers. Atlantic Irrigation and its manufacturer partner Atlantic Water Gardens carries water treatment solutions for very occasion.

Carry the beauty of water deep into the evening with Atlantic’s Colorfalls, the first lighted weir specifically designed for water features. Our newest models continue to lead the industry in appearance and functionality. Available in solid colors, color changing, and now in four different sizes, Colorfalls will add a simple, elegant beauty to your outdoor space, day and night. The Atlantic Colorfalls System is what sets us apart from the rest. Designed not just as a stand-alone item, but as a centerpiece for beautiful outdoor living installations. 

Atlantic Water Gardens

Choosing the perfect pump for your water feature is easy: Calculate the Total Dynamic Head of your system and then simply find the desired GPH at that head height. Follow recommended guidelines to avoid cavitation, overheating and overworking pumps, ensuring years of dependable, worry free service. Atlantic’s Comprehensive Pump line provides clear, easy-to-understand Best Efficiency Points and Recommend Operating Ranges, to ensure the perfect match of pump to application.




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