Fort Miles Big Gun2Lewes, DE – Atlantic Irrigation Specialties was proud to be involved in the lighting of the historical gun turret taken off the U.S.S. Missouri, the ship where the Japanese signed their surrender thus ending World War II. This 16” gun has been placed on site at Fort Miles, in Lewes, DE as the centerpiece of a trail of large guns. This gun placement is the first of its kind in the United States to be taken from a vessel and placed on land.

Lighting a structure of this size is no easy task. The tip of the gun is 35 ft above ground level with a 65 ft long barrel. Atlantic was able to take this project to the next level by offering fixtures that not only could handle a job of this immense scope, but could also change any color the park desired. All the fixtures are manufactured by FX Luminaire, using their KG and NP lines for outside lighting and several LL lights inside the breach area and also the end of the barrel. Bella Terra, out of Lincoln, DE, did a spectacular job with the installation.

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