The Sonarray SR1 Outdoor Speaker System is a great fit for those customers looking to have the perfect outdoor living space. The system provides breathtaking sound quality and is evenly distributed to deliver the ideal volume everywhere, creating a wonderful ambiance and atmosphere for your customer’s next party.


Withstands the Elements

Constructed of corrosion-proof composites and featuring triple-seated enclosures, the SONARRAY SR1 system can withstand whatever mother nature has to offer, from -20° to 190° F (-29° to 88° C).

A Case for an Outdoor System

Creating a system composed of satellite speakers and subwoofers envelops a space fully in clear and balanced sound.


Even Volume

This approach is similar to great lighting that has no hot spots or dark spots, but rather provides smooth, even coverage throughout the area.

No Disturbances

The SR1 system is positioned not to spill into surrounding properties.

The SR1 features 8 satellite speakers and a below-ground subwoofer that are evenly placed around the perimeter of a backyard to deliver crystal clear sound at the perfect level throughout the entire space. Take 4 minutes of your time and learn how easy it is to install the SR1 system on your next project.

Audio Speaker Setup Comparison

Designed to be positioned facing into your property, limiting sound pollution

Sonarray Setup

The ideal location for the subwoofer is in the center of the satellite speakers


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