Brilliance LED, a leader in LED lamp technology, has recently introduced their NEW color and color temperature changing MR16 and PAR 36 lamps to the Landscape Lighting world. These new lamps are known as their Chameleon Series.

This brand new lamp series by Brilliance offers WIFI enabled RGBW color control from your smart phone. Choose any white (from 2200-5700 Kelvin temperature) or color, and let the fun begin with the new Chameleon MR-16 and PAR-36.
The MR16 Chameleon is slightly taller than a standard Brilliance LED MR16 replacement lamp, 1.5″ vs. 2.15″, so be sure it fits properly first in your favorite up light of choice.
Detailed information for the Chameleon lamps is available in the Brilliance LED 2019 Product Reference Guide.
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