I fell into the irrigation industry while living in Southern California in 1984. My first job was working for Hydo-Scape Products, Inc. After being exposed to a few job sites, I realized that I wanted to be out in the field and soon began my career of installing and servicing irrigation systems.

Very early on, I was given the opportunity to install a Malibu Lighting Kit on an ocean front property in Laguna Beach, CA. My first of many lighting projects! Lighting has become my specialty here at Atlantic.

I moved to CT in 1988 and continued working in the residential landscape, irrigation and lighting industry. I took courses at UMass and Cornell to learn plants and became a licensed CT irrigation contractor and CLIA.

I have three grown children. Jessica, a dance teacher, who lives in the Boston area with her boyfriend and my grandson Ryan.  My son, Jon, is a firefighter in Northern California. My youngest, Andrew, is still in school and is a very talented musician. I live in Dutchess County with my partner, Betty, and our two dogs, Woody and Dubby. We love the outdoors.

I am very grateful to work with the many good people and customers here at Atlantic!

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