Prior to coming to Atlantic, I proudly spent 12 years as an active duty member of the USAF. After the military, I worked for 10 years in the phone company as a wireless engineer. Just before coming to Atlantic, I was an operations manager for a landscape company in RI. Being here has exposed me to the other side of the counter. I truly enjoy helping our customers attain their goals and working side by side with the best in the industry. Many customers and Atlantic people have become good friends and I enjoy getting together when life allows.

I have 2 children, Evan and Madeline, who are my best friends. They are grown and on their own, but we make sure we spend time together. We share many interests and do quite a bit together. Our activities include fishing, camping and hiking. I’m also an avid golfer. I spend a fair amount of time at a training/teaching facility in Providence dedicated to teaching kids from all walks of life. It’s a very rewarding experience for which I’m proud to be part of.

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