I have been with Atlantic since 2013. I truly enjoy what I do and have the opportunity to excel in all areas of my career. My background is in the grocery business, but I wanted a different challenge. I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I sold milk and eggs, not sprinklers!

I started as a driver and worked my way up to running the Wayne branch. I wake up ready to rock and roll and can’t wait to help out my customers. From quotes, technical questions or a contractor who needs a bag of clamps delivered to finish a job…I truly enjoy my career with Atlantic.

I keep busy with my family and 2 kids…my son, who is 4, and my daughter, who is 10. Most days you will find us at practices, games or just playing in the yard. I am also a coach in my town for basketball and football. We enjoy taking family trips, especially when they include a water park! Tattoos are my vice, so when I do have time and money rest assured I’m in the chair getting inked.

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