The most recent innovation from NDS is the patent-pending Swivel Fit Variable Angle Fitting that can be set to any angle from 0° to 90°.

NDS Swivel Fitting

One Fitting for Any Job

  • The NDS Swivel Fit is a pipe fitting that can rotate from straight to right angles, making it convenient for misaligned pipes and for routing pipes around corners or obstacles eliminating the need for extra fittings with one adjustable fitting for any job. The patent pending NDS Swivel Fit® can be set to any angle from 0° – 90°. Click here to learn more.
  • Not for sewer use

Reduces Labor

  • The Swivel Fit is not only practical for contractors, but results in reduced labor needed for custom installations as it only requires one fitting to install instead of connecting multiple fittings together.
  • Allows contractors to reduce their fittings inventory on the job site since this one fitting does it all!

Installs in 3 Easy Steps

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