The first snowfall of the year comes on fast, and like anything else in this business, it pays to prepare.  But when is the right time to think about snow and ice removal? A good time to start thinking about this part of your business is mid-August to late-September. This gives you enough lead time to address things that always take longer than you anticipate.

Check and repair equipment

When spring arrived, your focus shifted to another side of the business. It was easy to put equipment in storage with the intention of addressing issues later. Now, later has arrived. It’s a good time to look over your gear, make a list of necessary replacements, replenishments and repairs – then get to work.

Break out the winter client list

Reaching out to your snow removal clients early has a number of benefits. It shows that you’re proactive. Even though it may be a hot August day, you’re anticipating their future needs. It also gives you an opportunity to take stock of your business potential, so you can anticipate supply and personnel needs.

Replenish your standard supplies

Think about the immediate needs of your crew when that first snow does arrive. Mentally walk through the tasks they’ll need to perform on-site and you’ll immediately know what they’ll need – shovels, brooms, snow and ice melt, sand and spreaders, radio batteries, etc.

A great way to get this process started is to contact your local SiteOne or Atlantic branch. Our associates can help make sure your supplies are stocked and your crew is geared up for the first snowfall of the year.

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