Innovative and quality equipment to compliment every taste and design style can be found in each of our locations. From fountains and spillways, to ponds and pond-free waterfalls as well as all the accessories needed to put the finishing touch on your project.

Water Garden Products

Atlantic Water Garden’s complete Pond Kits offer a convenient, easy and affordable way to achieve a perfectly matched and balanced system.

Fountain Products

Atlantic’s Fountain System is the easiest, fastest, and strongest way to build a water feature, with heavy-duty components designed to work together to beautify any hardscape.

Pond-Free Products

Atlantic Water Garden’s fully-featured Pond-free System makes below-ground reservoir construction simpler, easier, and more reliable.

Formal Spillways

When the effect required is classic and refined rather than natural, our Formal Spillways fit the bill. Our spillways add elegance to any landscape and style to any interior.


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